Bangladesh Politics & Politicians Are Being Treated As A "Nasty One!"

Bangladesh Politics & Politicians Are Being Treated As A 'Nasty One!"

Isn't it the high time for a radical shift in strategy of Political Party & Their Leaders to try the lessen & impact ON DECISIONS AND CRITICISM! 

Due to some  unavoidable circumstances and nuisance attitude of the political leader in Bangladesh's political arena is the main cause of people suffering and so politics and the political leaders are being treated as nasty one. 

 Behind the scenario non-democratic forces are again in play with the name of third force. People are annoyed of the political decisions made by both Govt. and the opposition party.In this situation the country and its people are suffering from unwanted violence in the streets. People of the country are anxious for their security of life and other living needs. law enforces agencies are becoming questionable for their acts. The another law enforcement force act in elite status,name as RAB is accused for preplanned killing since its  formation.
 But what are the alternative of politics and politicians? The thing nasty became Saturated  in every sphere Of   professional , here in Bangladesh! The bad people are the majority part who are leading the country in Political, Civil and as well as in  Army bureaucracy! In politics "The bad people drives good people out of politics" From The Political Arena. Moral less Business Peoples Are Running After Golden Deer with every unethical Attitude . Some petty industrialists are only sucking the labor Surplus without considering to use the human capital properly for sustainable growth towards development. 

The mainstream Media Is Mainly Owned By The Corrupted Businessman. They  mainly use the concern for their Business strengthen and  social status only. Yellow journalism & corporate propaganda is a normal practice here. They don't want to tell us whats going on to days society. 

Though a political leader of a country provides and rules all the sectors of the country ! He has to be liable for all the things! But we should give effort to upraise the good politicians with better ideology Of honesty and commitment towards country and the people! Cause The politicians are the main leader and also liable for any development in a country ! As a citizen we have some duty to do for the country also! We should uphold the political norms and values ! Otherwise we have to keep doing the same old things before we change course? Isn't it time for a radical shift in strategy to try to lessen the impact ON DECISIONS AND CRITICISM!

 Capitalist west ( including Pakistan,India. USA) has one agenda which is acquiring our resources. Keeping the nation divided in to two camps is best way to achieve their agenda. Our short vision leaders supported by so called intellectuals (possibly in their pay roll) are only executing their (west) game plan. Our political leaders neither have capability nor willingness to counter them. Young and potential leaders are deliberately allowed and encouraged to get corrupted. This is a viscous cycle that we are in. At the moment Intolerance and extremism are two enemies of our nation. Fundamentalism at its any form needs to be stopped. Currently, so called pro- and anti-liberation forces and their supporters are not free from it and equally responsible to spread a vicious cycle of hatred, which MUST BE STOPPED. We certainly need renaissance and emergence of youth power, but it has to be based on a culture of tolerance and democratic value, pro- growth and forward looking, with abilities to lead a soon to emerge middle income economy.

About Me Facebook We need a serious destruction with our thought process and the way we are going onward. We the people of the country should make a positive role to change the attitude of the politician and the other leader in Bureaucracy ! Cause the babies who had born in the 21st millennium is growing up and we are making insecure and dangerous time and situation for their living. We should ensure them with securities of their life for better living.

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